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whether forecast for Appledore uk. Here are some links to maybe the 10 day weather forecast for Appledore uk as well as long range forecast for your area. Handy website links to the latest live forecast weather for the UK. You might be able to find the latest pollen count as well as sunrise and sunset hours. Wind direction, temperature and severe weather warnings. whether forecast for Appledore uk.

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Appledore Station Info : united kingdom(england) united kingdom(devon, england) devon - [Grid References : 51.04N 04.19W SS4630] devon - [Grid References : 50.91N 03.33W ST0614] kent - [Grid References : 51.02N 00.77E TQ9529]

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World Weather - World News Network weather for Appledore in UK, Not as detailed as other world weather sites but does the job all the same.
AccuWeather.com - Looking for the UV Index? it is the Ultra Violet Radiation Index. The index is a value between 0 (none) and 15 (extreme). Use protection creams against sunburn, skin cancer, skin wrinkling and aging, cataracts, and other sun related damage when the index is at its highest.
BBC 10 day forecast - weather uk long range from the BBC.

sunrise cloudy maybe try "Appledore weather"

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