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Following my own flooding disaster here are a few websites I found with not only flood insurance information, but also flood risk and useful flood prevention information as well. There are a number of very helpful sites out there for house flood and car flood victims including flood restoration after the event. Flood insurance rates have increased so much it pays to be prepared.

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flooding floods maybe try "UK Flood Insurance Information" ;)
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The Association Of British Insurers - This is the ABI's main flooding webpage and has information on flood risk in the UK, Flood defence spending and flood insurance.flood insurance rates.

Environment Agency Floodline Phone Number - 0845 988 1188

Environment Agency - The Environment Agency has an important role in warning people about the risk of flooding, and in reducing the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea. This is also home to floodline, giving local flood warnings and prevention advice. You can enter your postcode in the Flood Map and find out your local risk of flooding
Flood Resilient Home - Flood Resilient Project (run by Norwich Union) has a number of fact sheets and information on making your home more resilient to flooding. This great website aims to demonstrate why flood resilient measures are a good idea for anyone concerned about future flooding and to provide useful information about the various techniques available.
The UK Resilience Website - The UK Resilience Official Website is run as a news and information service for emergency practitioners by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat at The Cabinet Office.
Flood Protection Products - What is avaliable to protect your home or business in case of floods
UK Flooding Resources - Nice simple site with some useful links

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