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10 day weather forcast for Kirkwall Airport. Looking for the latest Kirkwall airport weather forcast? Here are some direct links to some of the best weather sites on the net. The BBC Kirkwall airport weather for example has a 5 day forecast that includes UV Index during the summer months and pollution readings. The BBC weather centre also provide detailed 3 day RSS feed and rainfall radar images. Other sites include The Weather Channel, Accuweather, CNN and a variety of others. 10 day weather forcast for Kirkwall Airport.

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Kirkwall Airport Station Info : Sorry, no weather station location info.

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Weather Channel (Kirkwall Airport) - Current Conditions for Kirkwall Airport in UK by The Weather Channel as well as tomorrow and weekend weather forecasts for the area. Tomorrow 10 day Monthly
www.Intellicast.com - One of the best weather forecast sites on the net, Intellicast.com brings you everything including Sunrise and Sunset times and Moonrise, Moonset times.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Noaa - metar data for Kirkwall Airport.National Weather Service.
WorldBuddy.com - Kirkwall Airport 24 Hour Summary and current weather conditions.
World Weather - This weather website offers a 5 day world weather forcast with easy on the eye graphics and latest world news.
Yahoo.com Weather uk - Live weather from around the United Kingdom with Yahoo weather.
Exite - Latest conditions and three day prediction as well as rainfall and wind.
RSSweather.com - RSS weather feed, simple RSS (really simple syndication) feed to Kirkwall Airport current live weather report.
UknetGuide.co.uk - UKnetguide has the latest 5 day forecast UV factor and moon phase.

sunrise cloudy maybe try "Kirkwall Airport weather"

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Temperature : 16 C Humidity : 55 % Pressure : 1013 mb
Dew Point : 17 C Visibility : 10 miles Wind : 4 mph
Long Range Kirkwall Airport Weather : Bright and Sunny

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